StarFish Media
Your only stop for all your digital media and promotional imaging

Quick History
StarFish Media opened it's doors back in September of 2006. We started out branding new businesses and giving them a presence, not only to face to face customers, but online as well.   We have been working extremely hard to create a custom design firm that you can go to for all of your business needs.

We have worked with StarFish for the past 5 years, always
pleased with their services, would highly recommend them.
- Ross Family Dentistry
Good quality merchandise, easy to do business with
- Dan Hartmanstorfer
What we do!
Business Branding
New businesses need eye catching imaging that will stick with their customers. We work, with you, to brand your business that will leave that lasting impression every new business owner needs.

Digital Media
We take care of all of the following as well as more. 
•Media Design
•Web Design
•Video Editing
•Photography and much more.

Promotional Products

Promotional products are undeniably effective in their ability to attract new customers, increase brand awareness and ultimately grow your business. Whether you’re a small business owner, professional at a large corporation, or a volunteer at a nonprofit organization, promotional products can play a vital role in spreading the world about your organization.

Having the right imagery for your site, group, publication, or book is paramount. Not only will we brand your business, we can also take images of your workplace as well as your staff for your site.

All you need is to contact us with what you are looking for and we can sit down and get your business not only up on the web but in front of your potential clients as well.